Texas Community
Safety Education Act

Keeping Police and Teenagers Safe

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Too often we hear of stories of negative interactions between drivers and police officers. Many of these occurrences can be prevented if we all get on the same page and show respect from both sides.

Thankfully, The State of Texas has created a law to do just that. It requires all high school and driver education students be provided specific instruction on how to interact with law enforcement. As well, law enforcement will also receive instruction on how to lawfully interact with their fellow citizens.

The mission of SB30.org is to contribute in teaching high school students as directed by this new law. Together, us fellow educators and parents can teach our teenagers how to properly interact with police officers.

We've heard from you, school administrators, about the difficulties you've had in implementing this material and providing record of course completion for each of your high school students.

We're here to help!

Our system makes it super easy to comply with the law, sacrificing as little classroom time as possible. We're improving the course content very frequently to continue to add to the learning experience. Try it out yourself and show your students, completely free.

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Our platform is designed to ease the burden for school administrators and teachers in implementing the SB30 law. We make it easy to comply with engaging content that student's enjoy.

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Students tell us that the course is fun to watch and easy to understand. With engaging content, students will not only retain the information, but enjoy learning it! A safe student driver starts with becoming a well-informed student driver.

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Great for larger districts and schools that need to easily verify students have completed the course, passed the exam, and received their Certificate of Completion.

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